First Time Users

  1. “Create a portal account. Click “Sign Me Up!”, at the right.”
  2. Associate your account with your StarID username (institution code)
  3. “Contact the Inver Hills Communications Department and let them know what kind of difficulty you are having. Email IHCC communications or call 651-423-8268.”

“Learn more about IHCC emergency preparedness.”

Minnesota State collects your personal contact data to enroll you in the Star Alert Notification System.  Minnesota State will use this data to provide you with Star Alert Notifications and administer the Star Alert Notification System.  You are not legally required to provide your personal contact data, but if you do not, this would limit our ability to send you Star Alert Notifications.  Minnesota State’s employees who administer the Star Alert Notification System will have access to this data, as will other Minnesota State employees with a business need to access this data.